Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Consider someone who at heart
is free of calculating mind.

For someone thus devoid of mind,
there is no thought of objects gained.
All thought arises motiveless,
inspired by nature from within.

It is as though that someone finds
a consciousness that stays awake:
throughout all dreams which mind creates,
and in the depth of dreamless sleep.

Returning there, all personal
conditioning – inherited
by recollection from the past –
becomes exhausted, comes to end.


In what or where are riches found?
Where comrades, friends? Where fancied
objects, robbing mind of sober sense?

And where is learning, where is reason
telling right from what is wrong?
As my desire melts away,
just what of value can remain?


Where self is known as that transcendent
principle of unaffected
witnessing, from which all
capability and guidance comes,
there can be no desire left
to free myself of being bound.
No such desire can occur.


Where someone inwardly quite free
of worried thought acts outwardly –
inspired from pure happiness
of undeliberated self – those carefree acts
may seem insane, may seem improper and confused.

It’s only someone else like that
who understands such carefree acts
and the extraordinary states
that their strange author passes through.