Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Janaka said:

In one who is completely free
of anything that’s thought possessed,
there springs an unaffected peace.

But, even if it’s just a loin-cloth
which gets taken to be ‘mine’,
this sense of owning something else
impairs that springing up of peace.

Accordingly, with all rejecting
and accepting given up,
I live content with what I am.


At some place or another,
it is body that becomes distressed.
Elsewhere, it may be speech or mind
that suffers trouble and wears out.

Renouncing these, I rest content:
established in that goal of life
from where all meaning is expressed,
for which all that we do is done.


In truth, there’s nothing ever done.
There can be no accomplishment
claimed rightfully by anyone.

When this is fully realized,
what’s there to do just comes about.

That being done, I live at peace
from which I cannot be disturbed.


Where yogis take themselves to stand
in body, they remain tied down
to states of acting or not acting
in a world where change takes place.

Abandoning all such involvement
and detachment, I am found
as that which always lives content:
at peace with what I always am.


No gain or loss gets to be mine.
I do not gain, nor do I lose
by standing up or lying down
or going off to somewhere else.

In standing still or travelling,
as in the depth of dreamless sleep,
I live content, in perfect peace,
exactly as I always am.


In sleep, my presence is not lost:
I live there undiminishing.
Nor in deep sleep is there found gain
which striving in the world achieves.

Abandoning both dark destruction
and bright gain, I live fulfilled,
with nothing further to attain.


Appearances of pleasure and
of other such emotions are
found limited and compromised,
by their occurrence in a world
of circumstantial happenings.

Observing this, time and again,
all judgment of what’s beautiful
or ugly must be left behind.

Thus, I return to live content
where peace and happiness are found
beyond all thought of compromise.