Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Four Ways to Dissolution


Ashtavakra said:

For you, there’s no attachment found
which mixes you with anything
that is apart from your own self.
What then can you, who are thus pure,
wish to renounce from what you are?

Accordingly, dissolve away
this complex mix of different things,
and thus get merged back in again
to your unmixed reality.


From you arises all the world,
like bubbles rising out from sea.

Accordingly, know all of them
as just one self; and thus get merged
there, in your own reality.


Although the world appears before
our faculties of sense, it is
produced from unreality.
It is not truly there in you,
who are its pure reality.

It’s like the semblance of a snake
appearing quite confusingly
when just a rope has been perceived.
Take note of this; and thus get merged
back into what you really are.


You are that being which is perfect:
just the same in grief and joy,
the same in hope and in despair,
the same in living as in dying.
Only thus, as perfect being,
may you come to be dissolved.