Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glory of Self-Realization


Janaka said:

Oh yes. But then, the one who is
established in the real self
acts only through the pure enjoyment
of a show which is mere play.

That’s not the same as the confused
bewilderment of ego-laden
personalities: like beasts
of burden drawing carts which
overflow with worldly happenings.


It is that state which all our
faculties, all energies and powers –
themselves inherently inadequate –
keep striving to attain.

Once it is reached, even the yogi,
standing there, no longer needs
to press for heightened states of bliss.


Whoever knows it, is at heart
uncompromised by good or ill;

just as the space pervading sky
is not itself made bright or dull
by tricks of light on mist and cloud,
although our eyes show it to be.


To one whose greatness lies within,
all that’s perceived, throughout the world,
is known as only one’s own self.

In such a state, just who or what
is there that could at all prevent
one’s living moved from one’s own self
and acting of one’s own accord?


Among the whole community
of beings that have come to be,
right from the all-creating Lord
down to the smallest tuft of grass,

it’s only one who rightly knows
that has the fitness to stand free
of being pulled by what is liked
or pushed away by what repels.


It’s very rare that self is known –
without a second – as the source
from which all power and guidance comes
to form the seeming world of change

Where one’s own self is rightly known,
from there one does what one finds fit,
quite unafraid of anything.